Context : French National Metallic Silhouette Circuit 2016-2017 (+/- 23 matches/year to shoot in France)

Matches Dates : June 10-11,  2017

Registration : before May 25, 2017

Location : France, Nesles (62), see the map


Categories : ALL categories (SB, Field and BB, Rifles and Handguns)

Warning : Big Bore Rifles at 200 meters only (IMSSU 2013 Rules)


Conditions :

Entry fees : 9 EUR /match, reduced to 8 EUR/match by aggregate

BBQ : 12 EUR/day, on reservation

Contact, invitation, reservation :   alambour at hotmail dot com

Official match announcement here (pdf, FR) :  Chti9 Invitation 2017

French National Metallic Silhouette Circuit 2016-2017 Rules here (pdf, FR) :  2016-17 FR CN Rules

Remarks :  French MS National Circuit purpose is to select the 5 best shooters for the French National Selection

Some matches can be OPEN but NOT the final result (French National Selection) !!

For Non-French shooters, these matches are only to see as a good training